The Right Track


Understanding and experiencing the call of God is one of the most perplexing issues facing church members.

All Christians are called to faithfully serve God. This universal call should be a joyful experience. The assignment God calls us to perform should be done with excitement. God equips and prepares us for our mission. It is a wonderful feeling when God let you know He approves of the way you are carrying out your assignment.

It is sad when people in ministry positions who were never called by God to that ministry. They generally cause damage to the people they try to serve. A good Bible teacher will not be a good pastor if he was not called to be a shepherd. They will leave a trail of wounded sheep along the way. I am happy to say, God assured me that I am doing the work He assigned me. During the latter part of October 2007, I was standing on my regular post. As usual I reached out to the passing people with a Bible tract in each hand. On this day a lady took a tract and looked at it before moving along. I told her that if she had any questions she could contact me via email, website or post office box. She responded by uttering one word.   She said, "phone ?"   I thought a moment, but  couldn't remember my cell phone number. I looked in my pockets but couldn't find the number. I looked at my phone, but still the number escaped me. I was troubled that I couldn't remember my cell phone number.

At home I played around with the numbers and letters on the keypad. After a few minutes I discovered an interesting combination. 917-SHARE-1-T At first glance, I saw 917-SHARE-IT. After distributing tens of thousands of my home made Bible tracts over the years, I just discovered my cell phone number had a powerful message.

I couldn't keep this discovery to myself. I telephoned several friends and emailed many others sharing this good news. A few days later I discovered if I added four letters the message would be clearer. My phone will ring on 917-SHARE-1-T, adding R A C T would not have any bearing on ringing my phone. The telephone switching equipment disregards the extra numbers. Try it, give me a call. 917-SHARE-1-TRACT is a profound message to me. A friend told me it means that I was on the right track. In others words, the Master, Creator and Sustainer of the universe was telling me to continue sharing my message one tract at time. Time is short.