1. Our Savior's name is Lord Jesus.

Acts 16:31--Acts 19:05--Acts 20:21--Acts 21:13

2. Jesus is the only way to the Father.

John 14:06

3. We are born into the world as sinner.

Romans 5:12

4. Because of sin we all are doom to eternal death.

Romans 3:23

5. Jehovah God provided a way back to him.

Romans 5:8---John 3:16

6. We cannot do any work to merit what the Father has done. Ephesians 2:8--Ephesians 2:9

7. The New Testiment was written in the Greek language.

8. The Greek alphabet has numbers associated with each letter.


9. Each letter or word in the Greek language has a numerical value.


10. Our Lord and savior, Lord Jesus has a unique numerical value.


11. For more than one thousand years, the fact that these names had a numerical value, was of no consequence. When the Telephone Company introduced a new service in 1966, something extraordinary happened. This service enabled a caller to make a call without paying any charge. This was call Toll-Free service. The owner of the number pays everytime he receives a call. This extraordinary event was the induction of the word Lord( 800 ), with reference to something being free. This dramatic event would not come to full understand until 1996, when the second Toll-Free area code was introduced. When we acknowledge that the most important thing of concern to every human being on this earth, is a right relationship with the maker and sustainer of the universe, Jehovah God ; the meaning of these Toll-Free area codes becomes clearer. And when we acknowledge that our relationship with Jehovah has been damaged because of sin, we would want to correct this situation. We should be filled with joy when we realize that our Father has provided a way for us to bridge this gap between us and Him. Even though we would like to do something to bridge this gap, we realize that there is nothing we can do but receive, it is by the grace of Jehovah God. Jesus paid it all when His blood was spilled on the cross.

It is interesting to note that the Toll-Free numbers were not introduced in reverse, but in proper order. Lord(800) was introduced in 1966. About thirty years later Jesus(888) was introduced in 1996. Our God, Jehovah is a God of order. It should also be clear why God waited until the last part of this century to stamp His son's name on our most common communication system.

We are living in the last days !!


Toll-Free Bridge to God