The  Greek people can be traced back to 3000 B.C.

 The Greek language  use an alphanumerics system for its alphabet.( Hebrews also )

 Every Greek letter or word has a numeric value. 
. The first Greek letter is Alpha, its' numeric  value  is 1

 The last Greek letter is  Omega, its' numeric value is 800

 The Telephone Industry ( The Bell System ) started Toll-Free service  in 1966.

 The   first   Toll-Free   area code is .

 The second Toll-Free area code begin in 1996 ( thirty years later).

 The second Toll-Free area code is .

 The Greek word for Lord is :, its numerical value is 8 0 0

 kappa=20, upsilon=400, rho=100,iota=10,omicron=70, sigma=200

 The Greek word for Jesus is :, its numerical value is 8 8 8

 iota=10,eta=8,sigma=200,omicron=70,upsilon=400, sigma=200 ,
   [ three different sysmbols are used to represent Sigma ]



  By one man sin entered the world.  thus all enter the world as sinners.  [Romans 5:12]

  Sin separates man from God.  [ Romans 3:23 ]

  God provided a way for man to come back to him.  [ Romans 6:23 ]

  God's way for man return to him is through his Son, Lord Jesus.  [John 3:16 ]

  Our loving God provided this way to him for all sinners. [ Romans 5:8 ]

  Jesus is the only way to the Father.  [  John 14:6 ]

  Jesus is only one that can save man.  [ Acts 4:12 ]

  Salvation is a free gift from Jehovah God, our Father

(a) Ephesians 2:8  " … is the gift of God "

 (b)  Romans 5:15  "….the gift by grace, which is by one man, Jesus…"

 (c)  Romans  6:23  "….the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus……"  

. Jesus said at Revelation 1: 11 " I am [ 1 ] Alpha and [ 800 ]Omega . ."             



 Because Adam sinned man became separated  from God and was headed for  eternal death.
   [ Romans 3:23 ,  5:12 ]

 God showed His love for man by allowing His Son to die for man.  
  [ John 3:16, Romans 5:8 ]

 By giving His Son Jesus, Jesus bridged the gap between Jehovah God and man with His death. 
    [ John 14:6 ]

 We cannot earn passage, salvation is free.  [ Ephesians 2:9 ]

 Since this is a free gift,"Lord Jesus is the Toll-Free Bridge  
    over sin that  separated man from Jehovah God." 


Greek Alphanumerical System

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Toll-Free Bridge to God